Why Hire Us

The Guaranteed Home Repair & Maintenance Solution You Can Trust

Trusted Sons is your all-in-one solution for any and all of your home repair and home improvement needs. With us, you don’t need to search for a plumber, a carpenter, an electrician, or other specialists to fix your individual home repair tasks.

Our individual handyman technicians are certified, trained, and experienced to fulfill a wide array of your home repair needs. If they are not able to do a particular job, we have a team of tradesmen, specialists, and home improvement experts that can. 

We’re not just one handyman; we’re a team, (family rather) that you can trust to serve you. We’re your Trusted Sons.

Local Owners With National Standards

All Trusted Sons are locally owned and operated by your neighbors. To uphold the high standard service of professionalism, reliability, honesty, service quality, and integrity, all owners were vetted for credentials and certification. Hired employees go through the National Academy of Construction Trades (NACT) certification. Being certified is a requirement to uphold an ensured service standard to you.

Our Human Professional Approach

Live Office Staff To Answer Your Calls

We’re not robots; you’re not a robot, so we’re not going to let you speak to a recording.

We strive to answer every single phone call that’s received and contact every form inquiry that’s submitted through our website or other platforms. But, we’re still human though. We’ll miss some calls, which you may choose to leave a message of your inquiry, and we’ll strive to return your call as quickly as possible. All staff and technicians are friendly and eager to serve you as best as they can.

If ever there are robots that can replace what we do, we’ll still continue to do what we do because we understand the value of people serving people. Sure we’ll use the robots to make our service to you better, more efficient, and capable. But it’ll never get in our way of serving you with passion and heart.

Request A Service

Your Trusted Service Technicians

Your Trusted Sons service technician will arrive on-time within the scheduled time agreed upon. The technician will contact you 15 minutes upon arrival to let you know they’re on the way and to let you know who they are. 

You can trust that the technician will treat your home with the utmost respect and will strive to leave your home better than it was when they arrived. Also, all of our handymen are experienced, knowledgeable, and have a variety of skills. So, feel free to ask him/her any questions about the scheduled job or any other repair, maintenance, or home improvement projects you may need.

Contact us today to inquire about professional handyman services for your home or business at 209-269-2727. Or, you may submit your inquiry through the “Request A Service” form and someone from our staff with contact you very soon. We look forward to serving you!