Weatherstripping Doors In Drafty Houses

Weatherstripping Doors In Drafty Houses

Weatherstripping Your House Doors

When you have a drafty house, it’s not just annoying – it’s annoyingly expensive too, as you’ll end up spending more money on HVAC repairs and utilities to heat and cool your home. So weatherstripping doors and windows makes a lot of sense.

Is Your Door a Making Your House Drafty?

Do you have a -inch gap under your door? That may be the reason why you lose heat during the winter or cool air during the summer. This seemingly insignificant space causes the same amount of heat loss as having a 3-inch hole in the side of your house.

That -inch gap is also big enough to let in a bunch of nasty critters into your home. These will include a lot of bugs, including roaches as well as spiders.

Checking Your Door

Now how do you know if your door or windows have sizable gaps that let the outside air in? It’s easy enough if you have a candle or an incense stick. Wait for a windy day outside, and then hold the burning candle or incense stick right next to the bottom of the door. You’ll then see if the wind is blowing into your house.

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Weatherstripping Your House Doors

Potential Solutions

If you have a problem, you can install door sweeps or door shoes to cover up these gaps. If you like, you can even replace your door with new ones. New doors may seem like an expensive overreaction, but they’re actually a smart investment. It will save you in heating and cooling expenses for many years to come.

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