The Basics In Baby Proofing Your Home

The Basics In Baby Proofing Your Home

Baby Proofing Your Home

What should you do to create a safe living environment for your little one? Here are the basic steps in baby proofing your home:

1. Secure large, top-heavy furniture to the wall. This will make sure they won’t topple over in case your little one managed to climb them. Mounting your TV and other electronics to the wall can also be a good idea. This way, your little one won’t be able to pull or push them down.

2. Cover sharp edges and corners of furniture with baby proofing guards. This will cushion the impact in case your little one bumps into them.

3. Add childproof locks on cabinets and drawers. They can snap shut or fall on your little one so it’s best to prevent them from opening any in the first place.

4. Add safety gates to doorways and stairwells. These will restrict your baby’s ability to roam around the house and gain access to dangerous objects. They can also prevent them from falling from high places.

5. Keep small objects and poisonous products out of your kids’ reach. As little kids like to put small things inside their mouth, they can easily choke or consume such items.

6. Put outlet covers on electrical sockets placed low on your walls. Your little one can stick their tiny fingers into their gaps and get electrocuted so it’s very important to do this.

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7. Use doorstops and door holders to keep your baby’s tiny fingers from getting pinched and hurt by doors.

8. Install window guards to prevent falls.

9. Block railings with wide gaps so your little one won’t squeeze into them and fall or get stuck.

10. Keep electrical wires and power strips out of your child’s reach to prevent serious injuries caused by electricity.

There are more ways you can try to baby proof your home, but these are some of the most basic techniques that you shouldn’t skip doing. Keep them in mind and you can be sure to create a safer space for your precious one.

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