How To Install A Deadbolt To Your Door

How To Install A Deadbolt To Your Door

Door Deadbolt Installation

Installing a deadbolt into the main door of your home is perhaps the first rule of home security. A deadbolt is a lot stronger than regular bedroom locks, and it can really deter criminals from getting inside your home.

So here’s how you install one.

  1. First make sure you reserve at least 2 uninterrupted hours for your deadbolt project. Turn off your phone to be in the safe side.
  2. Get all your stuff together so you don’t have to go looking for tools in the middle of your DIY project. You’ll need these items:
    • Screwdriver
    • Tape
    • Chisel
    • Power drill
    • Hammer
    • The deadbolt, obviously

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3. Use the template that comes with the deadbolt so you can drill on the correct spot on your door. If your door doesn’t have a template like this, just place the deadbolt about several inches above the doorknob that’s already in place.

4. Though your deadbolt may not have a template, it surely will come with instructions. If you can’t find it, Google for instructions for your particular deadbolt model online.

5. Each specific model of deadbolt will require somewhat special installation procedures, so read the instructions carefully. Read and understand the instructions before you begin the installation, or else you may end up with a ruined door because you drilled in too many unnecessary holes!

Of course, you can have an expert install a deadbolt for you, and they may even select a reliable model for home security. Regardless of whether you go with DIY or pro, just make dead sure you get a deadbolt!

If you would like a professional, trusted handyman to install your home’s door deadbolts, call Trusted Sons today!

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