How To Fix A Sliding Screen Door That Sticks

How To Fix A Sliding Screen Door That Sticks

Fixing Sliding Screen Doors

A sliding screen door can be quite useful but it can get really annoying when it doesn’t slide when you want it to. You’re supposed to be able to open a screen door easily with just one hand, just like any other door. But things can get literally sticky when time passes and parts of the door break down. Fortunately, there are steps you can take so that you can fix a sliding screen door yourself without having to hire a handyman.

So let’s say your sliding screen door is difficult to open or close with one hand or perhaps it’s making strange noises when you slide it. Here are the steps to take:

Request A Service

Clean The Track

The sliding screen door won’t slide over the portion of the floor it’s supposed to glide over, when that surface is literally sticky. So even if there’s no problem with the actual door, you can still have trouble opening it. Having a dirty track is perhaps one of the most common causes of problems with opening the sliding door.

You need to pay close attention to this area and clean it regularly. Debris particles such as dirt, dust, and pet hair can stick to that area and then you’d have a very rough surface for the door to slide over.

You should vacuum this part regularly, and the crevice tool should be used. If there’s some caked on material that the vacuum can’t get rid of, use a stiff brush to gently scrub the dirt from the surface.

Straighten The Frame

If you have a screen door, the metal frame is usually made from some sort of lightweight material so it’s easier to slide. The problem is that this type of material can also warp or bend more easily as you regularly open and close the door. That’s especially true when you’re a bit too forceful when you close the door.

You can check of the screen door is bowed by first removing it from the track. Grasp both sides of the door, and then gently lift it up to engage the spring assembly. As you lift the door and the wheels come clear of the track, pull the door toward you and downward until the door is completely free of the sliding track.

Now lay the door on a flat surface. You should then be able to see if any of the corners of the door are lifted. If you do see some bowing, carefully bend the frame in the opposite direction so that it’s again straight and you can insert it back on the track.

Adjust The Tension

You can find the adjustment screws near the wheels, either on the top or bottom of the door. These screws create or release tension on the wheels, which basically lowers or raises the door. Just half-turn the screw clockwise to raise it, or counterclockwise to lower it and see if that fixes the sticky problem.

Replace The Spring Load Or The Wheels

To do this, just remove the door from the track. You can remove the wheels by using a screwdriver to pry them out. Take them to the home improvement store and get it replaced.

If you have the spring load type, you’ll also need the replacement for the spring load. You may have to drill the rivets out, put in the replacement, and then you can put the rivets back in. clean out the tracks and reinstall the door.

To get your sliding screen door repaired or replaced professionally, call us, your trusted Handyman today!

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